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Publication - Two Kinds of
Vaccine Hesitancy

April 16 2024

My joint research paper with Professor Tom Sorrell, "Two Kinds of Vaccine Hesitancy" was published in Social Epistemology.

The paper examines the reasonableness of vaccine hesitancy with respect to two things. First, regarding scientifically open questions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines; second, regarding institutional distrust by minority groups due to historical injustice.

You can read our paper here.

Publication - COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal as Unfair Free-Riding

January 09, 2023

My research paper, "COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal as Unfair Free-Riding" was published in Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy.

In this paper, I argue that those unvaccinated with COVID-19 vaccinations can be considered free-riders on the collective goods generated by a successful COVID-19 vaccination programme .

You can read my paper here.

Publication - The Rationality of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

October 06, 2023

My research paper, "The Rationality of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy" was published in Episteme.

In this paper, I argue that some vaccine-hesitant people lack epistemic trust in the COVID-19 vaccines, and that in some cases, their lack of trust can be rational.

You can read my paper here.

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